Water and sludge treatment plant for Tunneling and drilling

Keller Grundbau

AT - Sankt Kanzian

Main requirements

  • Mobile plants
  • Fast assembly and decommissioning 
  • Final check of outlet water parameters before environmental discharge
  • Sensitive data recording, easy download on USB stick 
  • Minimal civil works and minimum footprint
  • Tertiary advanced treatment if need (micropollutants, heavy metals, …).

System details Key references

The right choice

Even today, we can honestly say the decision for a Tecnoidea system in 2015 was the right one. Easy to handle, long lasting, low repair and cleaning efforts are very important factors for a user: I am satisfied with Tecnoidea Impianti products. Christian Sigmund

Process units

Neutralization and parameters control

Problem solving

Drilling mud

One of the major issue of the slurry deriving from drilling operations is the presence of colloidal suspended solids, including cement or bentonite particles. Tecnoidea Impianti, after several years of operation in the field, has developed a suitable system for the treatment of these contaminants.

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