Water and sludge treatment plant for Natural & Engineered Stone

Pokarna Ltd

IN - Hyderbad

Main requirements

  • Perfectly clean continuous flow for stone processing 
  • Plant integration with cutting and polishing machines 
  • Direct communication with major stone processing machines suppliers
  • Tailored plants according to site needs

System details Key references

High accuracy and reliability

Tecnoidea has supplied state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant for our most updated quartz factory in India. Tecnoidea has designed the plant for a high degree of precision and reliability, heavy and intelligently controlled. We are pleased to have Tecnoidea as a partner in our mission to make our processes efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable.Paras Kumar Jain, CEO

Process units

Problem solving

No Scratches and shadows

A constant and - if needed - microfiltered water supply ensures slabs free from scratches and shadows


The foams control is crucial to ensure adequate flocculation and proper water clarification.

Pressure to the machines

The system reliability together with a suitable pumping system ensure constant flow and pressure to the stone processing machine, minimizing the risk of downtime.

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