Water and sludge treatment plants for Industry

Ruz Mineralik

DE - Heilbronn

Main requirements

  • Significant reduction of production waste
  • Treatment of specific contaminations: heavy metals, hydrocarbons, micropollutants, etc.
  • Turning the waste into secondary raw material: end of waste
  • Re-use of water in a closed loop

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A competent partner

With Tecnoidea Impianti, RUZ Mineralik has gained a competent partner in the field of sludge water treatment. Employees have a high level of know-how and are customer-oriented for individual advice and search for solutions.Enrico Kostmann

Process units

Problem solving

Color removal

The presence of solvents originates water streams rich in organic pigments; despite being reclaimed, this coloured waters cannot be introduced into a water body. In our R&D laboratory, through several jar tests series, we find the reagents capable of decolouring the water. The process has been implemented in a real scale plant.

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