Since 1981, committed to the most precious resource.

We design and manufacture plants, machines and technologies for water and sludge treatment.

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Tecnoidea supply chain

Fully internal management




Specialized workers


Spare parts warehouse

Lab tests

Internal R&D laboratory


More than 40 years of experience


Inside a 5200 m2 building


Turn-key plant with on-site commissioning


Remote and on-site assistance

Spare parts

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Tech for people

A commitment to the planet

To sensitize the community on the importance of water as an essential asset to every human activity and on the need not to waste it, and to propose adequate and customized solutions to the production industry for this purpose, in the context of a more general safeguard of the environment.

100% hybrid or electric vehicles

by 2030. Charging columns already installed.

70 kW Solar power system

equal to 100% of the facility requirement

Product engineering

For waste reduction and for less plastic consumption

And to those who work with us

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